Semi-Sized Shuen Paper

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10 Full Sheets (27" x 54")

For the first time ever, we have a semi-sized Shuen paper. This combines the smooth feeling of raw shuen paper combined with the moisture control of semi-sized paper.

The hardest thing that people with experience in western water color struggle with is the extreme "honesty" of raw shuen paper. Once you put your stroke down, it cannot be changed or manipulated without the paper revealing it to the world as an obvious mistake.

If you love Chinese Painting but struggle with this aspect of raw Shuen paper, then this paper will give you the best of both worlds! It gives you the velvety feel of raw shuen paper but it allows you to "pull" the excess color or moisture of a stroke in different directions to "fix" things or just for effect.

  • Incredible versatile paper. Great for anything where more moisture control is desire. Great for landscapes, bamboo/orchid
  • It shows color well, especially for a semi-sized paper
  • Like all semi-sized papers from OAS, it is more forgiving with excess moisture and even allows you to "pull" or redirect excess moisture after application
  • Try the "krinkle" technique for wonderful rock textures for landscapes
  • A great paper for painters with experience with Western watercolor looking for a bridge between their Western watercolor brush technique and Chinese Painting brush technique.

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