Richly Adorned & Quietly Dressed by Hwa San-chieun

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ISBN: 9576723507

102 pages, Chinese/English

Hua San-ch'uan depicts 84 historical, mythical and literary women of China in luxurious linear style. He divides the book into five sections:

(1) Songs and Dances - Various Goddesses and Spirits (Prosperity, Glory, Promotion, etc.).
(2) Flowers in a Moonlit Night - Various beautiful ladies and nymphs in classical themes and pastimes ("Lady in Rich Attire", "Washing Silk in the Lotus Pond", "Mourning the Passing of Spring", "Lady with Crane and Plum Blossom", etc.).
(4) Sitting alone - Beautiful women in various moments of repose ("Poetess Reading", "Hearing a Sigh on a Moonlit Night", etc.).
(5) Dream of Red Chamber - Illustrations inspired by the classical Chinese novel Dream of Red Chamber. Hua endows his subjects with a range of emotions, from subtle to palpable, depending on the character and theme. He fills each thoughtful composition with rich color and romantic fantasy. Great for inspiration.

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