Premium 'Jade Plate' Double Xuan (Shuen)

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* New Batch has arrived as of 09/24/2020. If you're concerned with any subtle changes with handmade batches, please sample before committing to purchase in bulk.

Usage: Double-ply xuan (shuen) paper for artists who like a paper that is the easiest to control moisture. Ideal for flowers, bird and animal painting and even low moisture landscapes.
Paper Material: Xuan Paper
Treatment/Process: Raw / Unprocessed
Absorbency: Easiest to control among xuan papers
Dimensions: Full sheets: 53-7/16" x 27-5/16", sample sheet: 11" x 8- 1/2" 
No. of Sheets: Available in 10, 50 or 100 Sheet Packs
Additional Information: 
Quantities of 10 Sheets are rolled and wrapped with brown corrugated paper at OAS. 50 and 100 Sheets have soft folds from the manufacturer in four different spots, then wrapped with a sturdier paper for protection.

Xuan (Shuen) Paper is the most popular paper in China among brush painters and calligraphers. It is the most sensitive of the rice papers, cheerfully displaying dynamic strokes and complex shade variations with translucent fluidity and original spontaneity.

We carry many variations of raw xuan paper, each with their own unique characteristics. For beginners who have trouble controlling their moisture, we recommend our Premium Double xuan paper.

Most people want papers that are forgiving with excess moisture and papers that display vivid color. Traditionally, you had to choose between these two attributes. Papers that were forgiving of excess moisture did not display colors vividly, whereas papers with vivid color display tended to bleed and run when too much moisture was applied.

OAS Introduces a "New" Shipment of Premium Double Xuan. This double xuan is sturdy and thicker than most doubles but produces dynamic ink and color strokes and shows gradation and variations with smooth transitions. A beginner who struggles with their moisture, will find working with this paper to be a dream come true. Though on the thicker side, the paper has a smooth finish, enabling your brush to glide on the surface rather than drag. We refer to this paper as "Jade Plate". Try it and see for yourself the beauty within this new batch of xuan paper.

P27BL Premium Double Xuan* 24: 13- ¼" x 18" Sheets is still part of our past inventory in Premium Double Xuan. We have not switched over to the new "Jade Plate" inventory.

Double Xuan Paper that is good for Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, and Calligraphy Writing. It is especially good for spontaneous flower, bird, and animal paintings. High quality raw double xuan paper.

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