Pre-Mounted Mulberry Paper

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Paper Material: Mulberry / Kozo Paper
Usage: Landscape Painting, Wet-on-Wet Techniques, and Ling-Nan Style of Painting, 
Treatment/Process: Pre-Mounted Mulberry
Dimension: Square Sheets (13" x 13" approx.), Long Sheets (13" x 25 ½" approx.)
Absorbency: Mulberry Paper that acts as a semi-sized paper. Better moisture control while still showing vibrant colors
More information: This paper is especially good for landscape paintings, background washes, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, mists, and Ling-Nan style of painting. Its Pre-Mounted quality allows you to frame your painting as soon as it dries!

This Pre-Mounted Paper is excellent for gifting to your paintings to friends and family.

These papers, with their longer fibers, give artists the ability to paint wet-on-wet. A common use for these papers is painting landscapes with washes, clouds, mists and waterfalls.

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