Pi Paper Thick

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Pi Thick Paper is 1½ times thicker than Pi Thin Paper.

Pi paper's makeup of longer fibers enables artists to use heavier moisture with their brushstrokes almost reacting as if it is slightly sized. Due to the longer fibers in this paper it offers more strength than the popular used shuen (xuan) papers giving artists the ability to handle washes, hence why OAS categorizes it as a "wet-on-wet" paper.

The paper is slightly transparent. Ling Nan artists enjoy working with this paper as it is quite versatile for all subject matters.

Print-makers, crafters and mix-media artists have excellent results experimenting with this paper.

These papers, with their longer fibers, give artists the ability to paint wet-on-wet. A common use for these papers is painting landscapes with washes, clouds, mists and waterfalls.

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