Peony in Elaborate Style by Ng Yi-ching

SKU: Q022


ISBN: 9579045232

109 pages, Chinese/English

In Peony in Elaborate Style, accomplished artist Ng Ni-ching shares his expert techniques for rendering the regal peony flower, the botanical representative of luck and prosperity in China. He divides the book into three progressive parts designed to inspire growth: (Chapter 1) My Experiences in Peony Painting - The fundamentals of peony painting with clear foundation drawings and sequential instructions. (Chapter 2) Twenty-Four Kinds of Peony - The history and meaning of twenty-four flowers. With two pages devoted to each subject, one page showing the completed rendering, one page showing the foundation drawing. (Chapter 3) Rich and Luxurious Peony Paintings - Ng's finest compositions for the developing artist to emulate and learn from. Features live photography of the peonies in Chapter 1and 2. Text in Chinese/English.

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