Patrica Larkin Green's Beginner Set

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A Beginner's Sumi-e (Zen) Painting Set for Patricia Larkin Green

Usage: For Patricia Larkin Green's Beginner Sumi-e Zen Painting Class
Materials Include:


  • One H2C OAS Orchid Bamboo, size Medium
  • and One C2C OAS Flow


  • One I14 500 Ton Oil Ink Stick
  • One I02RJ Suzuri Stone
  • One FELTW White Felt


  • One 12" OAS Practice Roll
  • One "Paper Sampler" for FunExclusively for Patricia's class, not available for sale.

Additional Information: If this is the only item purchased, please select the USPS Priority Mail shipping. It will be the most economical because of the flat rate box it will be packaged in.

BRUSHES: If you're a returning student or considered Intermediate/Advance and progressing to landscape lessons, consider adding the following to what you already have:

  • One OAS Flow (for a "Super Wash Goat Hair" Brush) Not included in set.
  • One Mountain Horse S or M (for a "Rat Whisker" Landscape Brush) Not included in set.

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