Paper Fundamentals: An OAS Guide to Paper

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An OAS Guide to Paper

OAS creates a handy guide that helps the beginner in introducing some of the more popular papers used in Chinese brush painting and Japanese Sumi-e so that they can familiarize themselves in being able to choose the right paper to meet their needs as a budding artist.

Almost like an encyclopedia to papers for oriental brush painting, this booklet will describe common characteristics of paper with color examples illustrating their common traits. Several paper examples* will be packaged with the booklet to give the beginner something to look at, feel and experiment with on their own as they learn about the different mediums.

Booklet is 8 pages and includes 1 sheet each of thirteen examples* (approx. 8.5” x 11”)

*These examples should not be used as an exact sampling of OAS paper types but only as an illustration to describe the different paper traits of commonly used paper in brush painting and calligraphy. To sample the current inventory, samples are available for purchase.

OAS does have a key available that identifies the paper that was used for each example. It's available on request.

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