Painting the Narcissus by Chen Wen-Ching

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Purpose/Use: Step by step instructions for painting the Narcissus
Material: Paperback
Edition/Printed Language: Chinese/English
No of papers: 80 pages
Overall Dimensions: 
11- 3/4” x 8- 1/4”, vertical orientation
Author/Artist: Chen Wen-Ching
ISBN: 9576723582

79 pages, Chinese Introduction, English Illustrations

Is Narcissus the Fifth Gentlemen? Some seem to write stories that reveal the truth.

This is a reference book on painting and line drawing of the Narcissus flower. It focuses on the anatomy of the petals and the formation of the leaves.

The book has live photography throughout for reference and more than a dozen finished paintings of the artist in both spontaneous and fine line style. Instructions and material use are in English and Chinese with contextual stories only in Chinese.

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