Painting Swimming Fowl by Chien Hsing-chien

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ISBN: 9579045119

109 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Chien Hsing-chien teaches the fundamentals of painting swimming fowl in spontaneous and fine-line styles. Chien provides sequential instructions and completed compositions for reference.

Subjects include bones structure, basic form, anatomy (head, claws and webbed feet), various postures on land and in water, examples of proper and improper composition, different brushwork techniques, ducklings, Peking Duck, Ruddy Sheld Duck, Harlequin Duck, Mallards, Greater Scaups, Mandarin Duck, Falcated Teal, Eurasian Wigeons, Lesser Tree Ducks, Baikal Teal, Smew, Red-Breasted Merganser, Pintail, White-Headed Stiff-Tails, Goosanders, Tufted Ducks, Rosybill, Wood Duck, Golden-Eye, Gadwall, Gree-Wing Teal, Sheld Duck, Canadian Goose, Chinese Geese, Snow Geese, Swan, Muted Swan, Whooper Swan, Black Swan, Black-Necked Swan, Peking Goose, Pelicans and the Common Cormorant. Text and titles in Chinese/English.

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