Painting Song Birds by Chien Hsing-chien

SKU: Q023


ISBN: 9579045275

111 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Chien Hsing-chien teaches the fundamentals of Song-bird painting in his lovely spontaneous style. He introduces the reader to anatomy and basic rendering skills through detailed foundation drawings and step-by-step instructions, with multiple examples of posture and perspective. He also gives sequential instructions on various species, perched and in flight, by themselves and then in composition. Finally, Chien shares some of his finest works for the developing artist to emulate.

Subjects include: body-parts (beak, forehead, superciliary, nape, back, flanks, tail, tail feathers, eyes, face, throat, breast, belly intercostal, wing feathers, tarsus, toes), posture, examples of proper and improper composition, the Great Reed Warbler, Rothschilds Mynah, Rufous-Headed Crowtit, White Paradise Flycatcher, Red Paradise Flycatcher, Siberian Rubythroat, Rufous-Bellied Robin, Fire-Tailed Minla, Sultan Tit, Yellow-Checked Tit, Blue Swallow, Stonechat, Chinese Bulbul, Great Tit, Oriental Goldfinch, Black-Capped Kingfisher, Cuckoo, Redpoll, White Wagtail, Snow Finch, Kingfisher, Yellow Wagtail, Silky Starling, Greenfinch, Waxwing Greenfinch, Crested Mynah, Hawfinch, Hawmei, Balk-Necked Oriole, Grackle, Black-Necked Babber, Blue Magpie and Sparrow.

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