Painting Challenge Participation Package

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Join us every June 1st and November 1st for 30 days of painting or doing your preferred Asian Art medium. Whether you're a brush painter novice or a Sumi-e artist, an Etegami mailer, a Suminagashi enthusiast or a Gyotaku Nature Artist ... the Oriental Art Disciplines have such great range that we welcome you to commit and post for 30 days with us on our OASLife Facebook Group page.

Succeed at posting consecutively for 30 days straight in either months of June 1st or November 1st and we will award you with a participation gift, a Certificate of Completion that says, "I did it! I committed ... and I made it through!" and a portfolio booklet of your daily posts throughout the challenge. Commitments via purchase of package should be made before May 30th for the June Challenge and October 30th for the November Challenge. Good luck and have fun!

In order to receive the participation package, you will need to complete more than half of the challenge. This is 15 plus daily posts during the challenge.

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