Painting Birds by Jia Pao-min

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207 pages, Chinese Edition, Hardcover.

The book covers the following categories and bird species:

Song Birds 1: Sparrow, Varied Tit, Chinese Bulbul, Kingfisher, Chinese White-eye, Swallow, Wagtail, Java Sparrow, Paradise Flycatcher, Island Thrush, Quail

Song Birds 2: Crested Myna, Magpie, Spotted-necked Dove, Azure-winged Magpie, Hawfinch, Chinese Oriole, Red-billed Blue Magpie, Chicken, Golden Pheasant, Pheasant, White Pheasant, Peacock

Waterfowls: Mandarin Duck, Wild Duck, Wild Goose, Mute Swan, Black Swan

Gallatores: Japanese Crane, Egret, Night Heron

Scansores: Sulpher-crested Cockatoo, Red and Yellow Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, Military Macaw

Fierce Birds: Goshawk, Imperial Eagle, Black Eagle, Sea Eagle

There is also an ample introduction that reviews general anatomy with sketches and details names for different stroke and coloration techniques. The book follows a reliable format of providing sequential stroke build-ups alongside finished compositions. It is a very nice balance of both instruction and inspiration.

Like most hard cover books from our book publisher, this books is officially out of print. Once this printing run is sold through, you will no longer be able to purchase this book new. If you like the book, we highly recommend that you secure a copy as soon as possible.

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