OAS Techniques with Pearlescent Watercolors


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Our patrons asked and we created. This lesson was requested by popular requests. We focus this lesson not on step-by-step instructions on completing a composition or specific subject matter, but more about how to get the most of your Pearlescent Watercolors.

We offer color suggestions using our Ideal Companion Watercolor Set and the Extended 21 Color Pearlescent Watercolor Set with notes on how to create those combinations. We also apply those combinations to specific subject matter so that you have an idea of how you can use the colors to create your own masterpieces.

We use OAS's Ideal 12 Color Companion Set along with the Pearlescent 21 Extended Watercolor Set in this lesson.




Brushes (suggestions):

  • Happy Dot (H1C).
  • OAS Flow S (C2C).
  • Orchid Bamboo Small (H2E).
  • Mountain Horse Small (H2H) or Mountain Horse Fine (H2J).


Ink and Colors:

  • Pearlescent Watercolors (CS08).
  • Ideal Companion Set (CS03).


  • Best to use dark colored shuen paper.



  • Spray Bottle (GS400).
  • Blending Plate (CW92).

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