Mounting Techniques



Ja-Shin walks you through the intimidating mounting process in this gift lesson. Bring your paintings to their full potential with wet mounting!

This lesson in now available in a PDF electronic ebooklet format and for a limited time only, received an enhanced ebooklet that includes our Virtual Office Hour 90 minute video session (lecture, demo and Q&A) all about wet mounting!


Material Recommendations:

  • A Pair of Scissors.
  • X-Acto Knife.
  • Metal Ruler or Large T-Square.
  • Methyl Cellulose (M1A).
  • A Strainer (optional).
  • Krylon Crystal Clear (KS) (optional).
  • A clean smooth tabletop.
  • Plywood Board (at least 3/4” thick).
  • A Paste Applicator (M2).
  • A Presser (M3).
  • Two rags: one damp & one dry.
  • Preferred Mounting Paper.
  • Blotter Paper.
  • Utensils for Stirring.
  • Bowls for mixing & Pie pans.

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