Maries Single 12 mL 'Chinese' Watercolor Tubes

SKU: CS01-18-302

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Overview and Description

These are traditional Chinese watercolors packaged into tubes for convenience. They are different than the Marie's Western watercolors featured in various art supply stores and catalogs. The colors are inexpensive and easy to use for any beginner starting in Chinese brush painting and Japanese.

OAS offers a color set which includes twelve 5 ml. tubes of the following colors: Titanium White, Vermilion, Cinnabar, Rouge, Carmine, Scarlet, Burnt Sienna, Green Label 3 [Stone Green], Blue [Stone Blue], Pthyalocyanine Blue, Indigo and Gamboge.

Additionally, individual 12 mL tubes are available for all the above colors as well as Marie's Chinese expanded watercolor tubes. Additional colors include Mid Yellow, Mauve, Cerulean Blue, Emerald, Peony Red, Dark Brown and Black.

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