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Usage: Landscapes, Gyotaku, Wet-on-Wet Techniques
Paper Material: Mulberry / Kozo Paper
Treatment/Process: Mulberry / Semi-Sized (sometimes referred to as Half-Ripe) 
Absorbency: Medium Absorbency (better moisture control than raw xuan papers but more absorbent than fully sized papers
Dimensions: 30" x 56"
No. of Sheets: Available in 10 Full Sheet packages or 100 Full Sheet packages
Additional Information: Often used by Gyotaku artists and nature printers
Packaging: Ten full sheets come rolled in corrugated paper. One hundred full sheets come folded and wrapped in paper.

Overview and Description

*05/28/2021: New batch has arrived. Please sample before bulk buying.

Ma is a favorite of landscape painters because of its ability to handle repetitive washes and shading without pilling or tearing. Ma is the strongest of our paper Wet-on-Wet paper collection. Ma has a smooth surface and even texture. Use thick, intense color on this paper to achieve lively and vivid results. While it is great for landscapes, it can be used for other subjects, including flowers, plants, or any project involving shading and/or repetitive washes, including mounting.

Ma paper's makeup of longer fibers enables artists to use heavier moisture with their brushstrokes almost reacting as if it is slightly sized. Due to the longer fibers in this paper it offers more strength than the popular used xuan (shuen) papers giving artists the ability to handle washes, hence why OAS categorizes it as a "wet-on-wet" paper.

This paper has become a favorite of Gyotaku 'Fish Print' artists and nature printers.

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