Landscape Paper Sampler



12 Samples, 2 Sheets of Six Types, size of sheets vary, minimum size is 11" x 8-1/2"

We have a wide variety of decorative papers that are different colors or incorporate decorative flecks of gold or fiebrs. Here is a sampler containing some of our best selling specialty papers.

This sampler includes:

  • FengLi
  • Cotton
  • Ma
  • Pi 'thin'
  • Pi 'thick'
  • JenHo

Cotton reacts as if there are traces of sizing. Shows shading and transitions from light to dark well. A Lingnan School favorite, so it can be used as an alternative to shuen (xuan) for spontaneous style artists. Can take washes where needed and can withstand repeated background washes.

Ma is similar to Cotton but slightly more white. It has little to no sizing and reacts similarily to a raw shuen (xuan) paper. It’s more sensitive to our Pi paper with moisture yet still allows for washes. It’s often used for mounting.

Pi is sized and thus great for landscapes, but not recommended for florals because the sizing lessens the vibrancy of colors. It lacks absorbency and showcases textured strokes well. Try to crinkle the paper to show spontaneous natural texture lines.

Pi Thick: one and a half times thicker than our Pi paper. Its thickness is perhaps why the richer color comes alive, because more color is needed on a thicker paper. Also good for texture. With the extra material, it appears to pill at first sight when applying repeated washes, but dries smooth.

FengLi is yellow in color. Its name means “pineapple”. Not as heavy as Pi Thick, but is characterized as one of our heavier papers. Can handle washes, but isn’t sized.

JenHo feels similar to our Pi paper but among all of our wet-on-wet papers that can handle repeated washes, our JenHo is the one that has the most sizing. It’s not fully sized but has more sizing than the others in this category as color doesn’t not go all the way through the paper.

If it's been more than 3 months since you've sampled the papers and are now placing an order based on the sample, check with the OAS staff to see if we've already replenished our supply with a new shipment. You may need to re-sample the paper.

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