Landscape Lessons Book 1


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It's here!! Spanning close to four decades, Ning Yeh's LANDSCAPE LESSONS book series is an artist's record of countless dream journeys throughout scenic China. BOOK 1, now available promises to be a valuable step-by-step instructional resource for art students, teachers, brush painters, and landscape artists.

Inside ...

Preface, Landscape Basics, Lesson 1 Fields, Lesson 2 Sunset, Lesson 3 Reflections, Lesson 4 Village, Lesson 5 Snow Scene, Lesson 6 Waterfalls, Lesson 7 West Lake Spring, Lesson 8 Garden, Lesson 9 Yellow Mountain, Lesson 10 Silk Road, Lesson 11 Cypress and Waterfalls, Lesson 12 Sunrise, Lesson 13 Valley, Lesson 14 Cherry Blossom Pagoda, About the Artist Ning Yeh

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