Kozo Sketch Pad Paper


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Usage: Sumi-e, the Four Gentlemen, Flowers, Birds, Calligraphy, Lettering, Woodblock Printing
Treatment/Process: Raw / Unsized
Absorbency: Absorbent. Offers better moisture control than other raw single xuan papers. Thicker than our P03: Practice Roll
Dimensions: 12" x 18"
No. of Sheets: 50 Sheets
Additional Information: Japanese made paper referred to as Kozo. This paper is un-sized but easy to control. It's convenient for students on the go as its packaged as a pad of paper but paints beautifully if you choose to use it for final pieces instead of practice.

There is a definite smooth side and a toothy side. Though, it's often preferred to paint on the smooth side, this particular paper takes ink and color beautifully on either side.

It's thickness enables an artist shy about the mounting process to have the ability to get away with framing without the need to wet-mount or silicone mount if you choose not to.

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