Karen LeGault's Beginner Set


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General Program Description: 

Based on the concepts of chi, yin and yang, Asian style brush painting developed over the last 1500 years as one of the most intriguing, thoughtful and expressive ways of painting two-dimensional imagery. There are many more styles and appearances of brush painting than most people realize. Using Sumi-ink and opaque watercolors on rice paper we will explore the materials, the mentality and techniques of Oriental Brush Painting. The connection of the brush and ink to the paper is both satisfying and challenging. In almost every class session you will create a beautiful painting, and expand your drawing and painting skills, even if you have never painted or drawn before.

We will focus on classical subjects where the basic lessons of brush strokes are found. These brushstrokes and principles can be applied to other subjects at your discretion once you understand them.

Your Subject matter will be either floral (bamboo, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemum, fruiting branches) or landscape (trees, rocks, mountains, water)  - depending on the focus/interests of the class. Recommended for beginners to more experienced painters.

A minimum start for beginners, this set includes the following:

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