Journey Into Art

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Purpose/Use: Used in addition to an Artist Seal to enhance a composition
Translation: Journey Into Art
Dimension: (LxWxH):1 5/16” x 5/8” x 4 7/16”
Imprint Dimension: (LxW):1 5/16” x 5/8”
Imprint: Positive
Imprint Shape: Rectangle


This handsome stone with its tiger-eye look is capped with a carving of a dragon in action, breathing fire and smoke. The prevailing color of this seal is a rich gold. Lush swirls of varying shades of ochre seem magically to float on a dark gray marble surface. The rounded form of the dragon as it seamlessly emerges from the swirling yellow color is a fitting complement to the seal’s appearance.

Symbolic Meaning:

The dragon is a fairytale creature of vast significance in Chinese culture, often associated with the male spirit[yang], vigor, power, regeneration, fertility, and luck. Dragons often function as guardians and much more. The pearl is believed to ward off evil spirits.

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