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Usage: Landscape Painting, Rocks, Trees, Mists, and Washes
Paper Material: Mulberry / Kozo
Treatment/Process: Semi-Sized / Semi-Processed (sometimes referred to as half-cooked or half-ripe)
Absorbency: Affords better moisture control than raw xuan papers and absorbent mulberry papers. More absorbent than fully sized papers.
Dimensions: Full Sheets are approximately 31½" x 56"
No. of Sheets: Available as 10 Full Sheets or 100 Full Sheets
Additional Information: Jen Ho paper comes in either white or natural color (see images).
Packaging: 10 Full Sheets come rolled and wrapped in corrugated paper and 100 Full Sheets come folded and wrapped in paper.

Semi-sized, its absorbency is reduced to allow artists to apply wash. Wet the paper, then add misty clouds. One can apply multiple colors as background (before or after painting). Sizing makes the paper coarser, allowing the artist ease with rocky cliffs, textured tree trunks and structures, which present themselves naturally when working with a dry brush. The sizing allow artists to work repeatedly. Apply light colored foliage, for instance, and then accent stronger or darker colors to add shadows and dimensions. Jen Ho paper is ideal for landscape paintings with rocks, trees, structures and mist.

Available in white or natural, the sheets are large at approximately 31.5" x 56".

For those of you looking for more sizing than our other mulberry type papers that have less absorbency and feel like a sized paper such as Pi, Ma, Cotton or Dragon Cloud; Jen Ho may be something you'll enjoy! 

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