Insects (V3) - Vegetables, Fruits, Insects & Aquatic Life

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110 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Su Ching Chow gives detailed sequential instructions for rendering insects in spontaneous style. Enjoy his lively, bright style of painting. Subjects include Butterfly (Five, Black Butterfly and Hydrangea), Spider (Making a Web, Hanging from a Thread), Ladybug (Ladybug and Spider on a Plant, Five Ladybugs on an Orchid), Dragonfly (Red Dragonfly and Reed, Seven Green Dragonflies and Lotus Flower), Bees and Wasps (Seven Bees and Peach Blossom, Eight Wasps and Peach, Hive), Mantis (Mantis and White Chrysanthemum, Mantis and Yellow Chrysanthemum), Cricket (Cricket and Chrysanthemum, Crickets and Begonia), Grasshopper (Four and Corn, Grasshopper and Maple Leaves), Katydid (Three Katydids and Pumpkin, Four Katydids and Grapes), Locusts (Two Locusts and Knot-Grass Flowers, Locust and an Ear of Rice), Longhorn Beetle (And Morning Glory, Five and Morning Glory), Pond Skater (Two in a Pond, Three and Duckweed), Snail (Four and Daylily, Four and Hydrangea), Cicada (and Willow, and Poplar), Ant (and Vine and Leaves, and Autumn Leaves) and Frog (and Reed, Six, Reed and Rock).

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