Holiday Paper Sampler: 24 Cut Sheets (13.5" X 18")


Sale price$40.00


Usage: Sample from our collection of decorative papers!
Paper Material: Xuan Papers
Dimensions: Approximately 13" x 18"
No. of Sheets: Includes 12 Sheets (two sheets of each type of paper)
Packaging: Comes covered in a clear poly bag to protect it during shipment

A wide variety of Colored & Gold Fleck Xuan (Shuen) cut to approximately 13" x 18", which is 1/6 of a full standard sheet. OAS's largest variety package ever, this package of colored and gold fleck xuan will include past colors, some present, and some new!

There are twelve types, two sheets of each. Sheets aren't labeled, so if you fall in love with something, be sure to keep a sample swatch to submit back to OAS to match.

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