Gong-bi "Process" Lesson: Dragon Fish

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This is unlike any other Fine Line lesson we've offered at OAS. So many patrons of OAS send thanks and appreciation for creating these lessons on Fine Line because there is so little study guides available in English and even the lessons in Chinese are very general. OAS takes a different approach with this lesson and uses one of our staffs to draw inspiration from his daily web browsing on the internet. OAS' Shipping Specialist, Kevin Kim draws inspiration from real life pictures downloaded from the web and printed. He creates a wonderful Gong-bi painting of the arowana of "Dragon Fish." This lesson walks you through the process he took to create his masterpiece in hopes that his story will inspire you to create your own Fine Line masterpiece. This is not a step-by-step lesson to paint the arowana. Instead an inspire booklet to show you the possibilities of starting with a photo and ending up with a masterpiece!

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