Fruits (V2) - Vegetables, Fruit, Insects & Aquatic Life

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110 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Su Ching Chow gives detailed sequential instructions for rendering fruits in spontaneous style. Enjoy his lively, bright style of painting. Subjects include Grapes (On the Vine, In a Basket), Pomegranate (Tree, Branch), Loquat (Tree, Branch), Litchi (Tree, Branch), Bergamot (Tree, Branch), Persimmon (Tree, Branch), Cherry (Tree, In a Bowl), Peach (Tree, Branch), Chestnut (Tree, Branch), Bottle Gourd (Vine, Branch), Lentil (Pods, Vine), Water Melon (Vine, Sliced with Grapes), Pumpkin (Vine, Pillow-shaped), Angled Luffa (Vine, Branch), Bitter Gourd (Vine, Branch) and Pear (Tree, Branch).

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