Flowers and Birds: A Perspective



157 pages, English and Chinese Editions Available

One of our most popular instructional titles not by Ning Yeh. Oshi Yang's book is easy to follow and covers a wide range of floral and bird subjects. Definitely a must have for your instruction library.

Yang O-shi's highly dynamic, step-by-step style of instruction makes Flowers & Birds: A Perspective great for beginners. Her book divides into six sections containing detailed painting instructions for each subject, and examples of completed works for reference. Subjects include: (Chapter 1) Flowers - Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Wild Camellia, Peach Flower, Lotus, Azalea, Monthly Rose, Wisteria, Peony, Water Lotus, and Orchid. (Chapter 2) Vegetables and Fruit - Cabbage, Beans, Bamboo Shoot, Lien-Wu, Eggplant, Corn, Onion, Strawberry, Bitter Gourd, Grapes, Pomegranate, Litchi, Peach and Bottle Gourd. (Chapter 3) Birds: anatomy (mouth, claw, etc.), Magpie, Puppy Chicken, Cock, Yuan-Yang and Egret. (Chapter 4) Insects - Mantis, Cicada, Beetle, Moth, Bee, Snail, Dragonfly and Butterfly. (Chapter 5) Fish - Goldfish, Carp and Embroidered Carp. (Chapter 6) Flowers/Birds - Tartar Pheasant, Crane, Yuan-yang, Eagle and Peacock. Best-Seller!

See a video book review of the book below:

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