Flower & Bird Paintings of Yu Chung-lin


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219 pages, Chinese/English

An expansive collection of the late fine-line master Yu Chung-Lin's flower and bird paintings. BK22, BK23, and BK28 represent the artist's finest works.

Subjects include Butterfly and Peony, Eagle and Pine, Doves on the Bamboo After the Rain, Cat, Butterfly and Peony, Ducks on Autumn Pond, Storks and Pine, Macaw, Butterfly and Chrysanthemum, Mynah Birds on Willow, New Year's Offerings (Fruit/Still Life), Stork, Morning Glory and Fowl, Quailes and Wild Grain, Magpies on Plum Tree, Finch and Angel's Trumpet, Sandpipers, Finch and Chrysanthemum, Java Rice Birds and Jasmine, Peony and Golden Pheasant, Yellow Allamanda and White-Eyes, Plovers in Pond, Magpie and Persimmon, Berry, Thrush and Chrysanthemum, Doves, Autumn Grape Leaves on Old Tree, Taro and Egret, White Lyre Bird on Red Maple, White Peony, Magnolia and Lovebirds, King-Fisher Over Reed Pond, Sparrows on Snow-Laden Berries, Autumn on the Wing, Blue Bird of Paradise, Ducks in Willow Pond, Blue Birds on Pine Over Waterfall, Pigeons Under Autumn Trees, Mandarin Ducks Under Plum Blossoms, Contrast in Similarity (Peony), Counting Pebbles? Coins? (Thrush near water), Autumn Riot (Chrysanthemums), Peacocks and Peony, Purple Peony, Ducks in Five Postures, Paradise Flycatchers in a Paradisial Setting, Doves and Maple, Ring-Necked Crows on Winter Tree, Magpies and Pine, Doves on Bare Branches, Storks and Pine over Mountain Stream, Mandarin Ducks on Wintry Tree, White Bird of Paradise and Bamboo, Red Bird of Paradise and Pine, Loquats and White-Eyes, Lotus, White Butterfly and Begonia, Thrush in Autumn Leaves, Peacocks on Crape Myrtle, Chicks and Texas Privet, Tanager and Geranium, Kingfisher and Lotus, White Thrush and Autumn Leaves, Dragonfly and Iris, Butterfly on Hibiscus, Ruby-Throated Sparrow, Insect and Banana, Pheasants, Java Rice Birds on Royal Poinsettia, Morning Glory and Sparrows, Mandarin Ducks under Cherry Blossoms, Sparrows Quarrel in Bamboo's Shade, Wisteria and Swallows, Mynah Birds and Lilacs, Java Rice Birds and Wisteria, White Doves on Kapok, Kingfisher on Lotus, Gold Finches in Cherry Blossoms, Thrush , Chrysanthemum and Blue Marguerite, Singing Tits on Trumpet-Vine, Mynah on Pine, Sparrows and Daisy, White Lotus after the Rain, Narcissus, Plum Blossom and Peony, Butterfly and Peony, Doves in the Spring Rain, Pigeons under Bamboo in the Rain, Blue Warblers and Pomegranate, Bejewelled Sparrows under Rangoon Creeper, Singing Sparrows and Chrysanthemum, Sparrows and Marigold, Pigeons and Peony, Peony, Swallows and Wisteria, Poppy, Meadow Bunting and Paulownia Blossoms, White-Crowned Finches and Peony, Blue Birds on Pine Tree.

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