Fine Soft Brush


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Usage: Gong-bi / Fine Line
Hair Type: Soft
Hair Group: Traditionally Goat / Sheep Hair
Tip Dimensions:

  • Fine Soft Small 15/16" x 1/4"
  • Fine Soft Medium 1 1/8" x 1/4"


Excellent for doing the wash work associated with Gong-bi (Fine Line) Painting.

When it comes to the ancient art form of Chinese Gong-bi painting, we have two well suited brush lines. We love the Red Feather brushes for their ability to do excellent outline work. For the multi-layered shading and fills we like the Fine Soft brushes.

The Fine Soft brushes are soft and smooth with very fine bodies. They are favorites of Gong-bi artists for fill-in. OAS recommends having at least several on hand to use in the Gong-bi process - one for ink, one for color, one for wash.


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