Elementary (Fundamentals) of Bird Painting by Yu Chung-lin


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168 pages, Chinese/English

A lovely collection of late master Yu Chung-lin's boneless style fine-line paintings of flowers and birds. Study his beautifully accomplished, masterfully composed paintings. Yu provides brief lessons and hints for rendering each of the species featured in this collection. A companion to BK22.

Includes Tree Sparrow, Coal Tit, Titmouse, Crimson Finch, Robin, Lovebird, Plum-Headed Finch, Siberian Ruby-Throat, Shrike, Chinese White-Eye, Rufous-Bellied Robin, Daurian Redstart, Red-Tail, White Paradise Fly-Catcher, Red-Crested Cardinal, Chinese Bulbil, Island Thrush, Hawfinch, Java Sparrow, Swallow, Jay, Chinese Oriole, Cuckoo, Wild Thrush, Crested Mynah, Hill Mynah, Magpie, Azure-Winged Magpie, Red-Billed Blue Magpie, Red Paradise Flycatcher, Parrot, Hoopoe, Wagtail, Kingfisher, Water Rail, Snipe, Silver Pigeon, Spotted-Neck Dove, Pigeon, Chicken, Cock, Pheasant, Red-Bellied Golden Pheasant, White Pheasant, Quail, Mandarin Duck, Common Duck, Wild Goose, Egret, Night Heron, Purple Heron, White Hawk, Hawk and Crane.

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