Drawing Horses by Shiu Yong & Pai Su-lan

SKU: Q016


ISBN: 9579045070

112 pages, Chinese/English

An introduction to painting horses in elaborate-meticulous and spontaneous styles by Shiu Yong and Pai Su-lan. Features 9 Chapters of sequential instructions, anatomical diagrams and completed compositions for reference. (Chapter 1) - Horses Painted in Elaborate Style; (Chapter 2) - Horse Painted in Spontaneous Style; (Chapter 3) - Painting a Lone Horse; (Chapter 4) - Painting a Couple of Horses; (Chapter 5) - Painting Grouping Horses; (Chapter 6) - Painting the Horse and the Horseman; (Chapter 7) - The Head; (Chapter 8) - The Body; (Chapter 9) - Horses in Motion. Text in Chinese/English.

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