Double Happiness Brush Large


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Usage: Calligraphy, Running-Style Calligraphy, Lines
Hair Type: Combination
Hair Group: Traditionally Goat and Wolf Hair Combination
Tip Dimensions: 2" x 7/16" approximately

This brush is mixed hair or combination, with goat hair predominately in the makeup and dark stiffer bristles in its core. Different from our Large Flow brush, its makeup is slightly longer, slender body creating less voluminous supple strokes and more slender lines. The Double Happiness brush dances with a bounce and the tip keeps a nice point throughout. We're calling it "Double Happiness" Large.

Ling Chi's love for writing calligraphy drew her to this brush, but after she demonstrated its use to the staff, we know that painters will love it too. Check out OAS's video on demand site at for a short free video demonstration on the brush.

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