Da Vinci White


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37 mL tube

After generations, Pelikan decided to discontinue their gouache line that include Chinese brush painter's favorite white.

With extensive testing of different whites from here to overseas, OAS has found locally here in California that Da Vinci's Titanium Gouache White has proven to be the best replacement for Pelikan White. Among all other pigments, Da Vinci's opaque water color produces a creamy consistency alone concentrated on your brush as well as provides a smooth transition with other watercolors for your pastel shades.

A Japanese Sumi-e ink. Offers a light scent for those who find they have allergy sensitivities to the soot that is used in ink sticks and bottled ink.

This ink has less glue than others and therefore offers a much darker black ink strokes. Must be quick with the brush to ensure moisture handling.

With a rich and slick black finish and the ease of fluidity due to the less glue content inside this is a preferred ink for calligraphers who seek the fluidity with their dynamic movement.

This is the ink featured Ling Chi and Jashin's Calligraphy podcasts on youtube.com.

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