Cultivate the Heart, Nurturing the Soul

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Purpose/Use: Used in addition to an Artist Seal to enhance a composition
Translation: Cultivate the Heart, Nurturing the Soul
Dimension: (LxWxH):1” x 1” x 6 1/2”
Imprint Dimension: (LxW):1” x 1”
Imprint: Positive
Imprint Shape: Square


Tall and slender yet imposingly solid, this seal is striking, in its height, color, and artwork. The seal stands over half a foot. The yellow ochre color of the stone exudes a warm golden glow. It is minimally striated with delicate markings in mahogany and ivory. The subject of the carved art is bamboo. The entire upper half of the stone has been delicately carved into a bamboo stalk. Superimposed in a low relief on the stalk is a scene of bamboo plants that wraps around all four sides of the seal. This seal is truly a gorgeous and unique art treasure.

Symbolic Meaning:

Bamboo is one of the Four Gentlemen and the spirit of summer. It symbolizes the spirit of simplicity, purity, integrity, tranquility, humility and self-cultivation, to name a few.

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