Cotton Paper

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Overview and Description

Long, long ago, Ning's ABC book featured this paper for the spontaneous artist who just couldn't handle their moisture control on traditional Shuen (Xuan) paper. The texture is coarser, and less sensitive, making the paper more flexible and forgiving with regards to excess moisture.

This new shipment of unsized Cotton paper shows beautiful and intense color uncharacterstic of a paper that is forgiving of excess moisture.

LingNan style artists will love this paper for its strength as you can overlap strokes. Landscape artists wanting to do low moisture washes and shades will be able to work with this paper with ease. The strength holds true for the crinkle technique and even those of you who paint drier than some may find that you don't have to wet mount the painting for final presentation.

AND! If you are looking for another alternative paper for mounting, try OAS's Cotton. The sheets are large at approximately 31.5" x 56" and have the strength for the powerful drying process of the traditional wet-mounting techniques.

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