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Option D - Marie's Watercolor Set

Marie's Watercolor Set is a very popular set among Chinese teachers. These are semi-opaque Chinese watercolor tubes that are referred to in many Chinese published instructional material.  They tend not to bleed when you wet-mount, but they're known for their weak packaging and mediocre lightfastness.

This set includes twelve 5mL tubes:

  • #104 White,
  • #218 Gamboge Hue,
  • #399 Vermilion,
  • #398 Cinnabar,
  • #400 Rouge,
  • #390 Carmine,
  • #302 Scarlet,
  • #684 Burnt Sienna,
  • #593 Green Label 3 (Stone Green),
  • #493 Blue Label 3 (Stone Blue),
  • #451 Phthalocyanine Blue and
  • #495 Indigo.

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