Chinese Flower Painting 1 Box Set (15 DVDs)

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Sale price$300.00


15 DVDs: 60 minute lessons

As the glory of spring matures into the warmth of summer, you can see all of creation mature into full bloom. Every type of flower opens and gives its own intense but fleeting testimony to the majesty and limitless diversity of the Creator. At OAS we are celebrating this occasion with the release of Ning Yeh’s Chinese Flower Painting 1 box set on DVD.

The entire series will be available in a 15 disc set at a discounted price.

Set includes: Fifteen one-hour DVD lessons:

  • DV101-102: Introduction
  • DV201-202: Iris - Purple Bearded Iris & Blue Iris
  • DV203-204: Poppy
  • DV205-206: Lotus
  • DV207-208: Begonia
  • DV209-210: White Chrysanthemum
  • DV211-212: Night-Blooming
  • DV213-214: Peony
  • DV215-216: Hydrangea
  • DV217-218: Cattleya
  • DV219-220: Magnolia
  • DV221-222: Hibiscus
  • DV223-224: Lilac
  • DV225-226: Gladiolus
  • DV227-228: Cymbidium Orchid

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