Chinese Brush Painting with Ning Yeh DVD Set 10 hours - Set of 10 DVDs


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10 DVDs:20- 30 minutes lessons

Buy each subject individually on a DVD or the whole series in a ten DVD Set.

The original Emmy Award winning television series is almost like a curriculum for brush painting. Over the course of ten hours the following subjects: Introduction; Orchid; Bamboo; Panda; Camellia; Amaryllis; Peony; Horse; Landscape Demo; Signature, Seal and Mounting.

All 10 DVDs of the Emmy award winning instructional that paved the way for an entire generation of Chinese Brush Painters in America. All 10 DVDs come in a single attractive case for convenient storage.

Set includes: Lesson 01- an Introduction, Lessons 02-03 Orchid, Lessons 04-06 Bamboo, Lessons 07 Panda, Lessons 08-10 Camellia, Lessons 11-12 Amaryllis, Lessons 13-15 Peony, Lessons 16-17 Horse, Lesson 18 Landscape Demonstration, Lesson 19-20 Signature, Seal & Mounting.

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