Chinese Animal Painting: Swallow DVD: one hour

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DVD: 60 minutes

Ning captures the swallow, one of China's most popular choice to represent the spirit of the nation in this step-by-step instructional DVD.

If Chinese were to choose a bird to represent the spirit of the nation, swallow would rank among the most popular choice. In fact, there was the ancient kingdom of "Yuan" or the kingdom of Swallow existed long before the first emperor in China. Swallow is "Yuan Tze" in Chinese. One can see the character is the shape of the bird. Chinese cherish swallow. Most of the farmers welcome the bird to nest in their home. Swallows show such devotion to take care of their young. They provide shining examples to teach both the old and the young. One of the most popular birds to learn, Ning captures the ease of painting these cute creatures in four different compositions.

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