Chinese Animal Painting: Rooster DVD: one hour

SKU: DV509

60 min, 2 complete color compositions, step by step instruction

Purpose/Use: Step-by-step Chinese/Sumi-e painting of Rooster
Author/Artist: Ning Yeh
60 minutes
Format: DVD

DVD: 60 minutes

Two stunningly colorful compositions for this proud bird are detailed step-by-step.

Looking at the Rooster you can sense that its proud nature. In Chinese culture, the Rooster symbolizes a number of very positive traits. First, it is a symbol of hope and vitality as its crow drives away the despair and evil associated with darkness. Also it is seen as a protector as it eats some poisonous insects often associated with evil. In this DVD, Ning takes you through two magnificently colorful birds that honor the spirit of such a revered creature.

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