Calligraphy Lesson: Serenity

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Let's face it, the modern world has made our lives chaotic and hectic. With the latest technology and "connected-ness", our lives never seem to get a chance to take a breath. We are all so busy with work, taking care of family, paying bills, running here and there, etc., etc. Modern advancements have definitely improved our lives and the world in many ways, but achieving a state of Serenity does not often result from it. We are always one text or email away from work, or family problems, or worrying about world news- never before have humans had to deal with so much information bombardment!

Ling Chi introduces the Chinese for Serenity as she explains to her calligraphy classes that writing calligraphy helps her quiet the mind and why. Find the inner peace within you with this step-by-step lesson.

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