Calligraphy: Fortune and Longevity



OAS re-releases one of it's first Gift Lessons for purchase. It focuses on learning to write the words "fortune" and "longevity" - an excellent sentiment for wishing someone a Happy New Year.





Brushes (suggestions):

  • [Small Characters]
    • Happy Dot (H1C).
    • Mountain Horse Fine (H2J).
    • Mountain Horse Small (H2H).
  • Medium/Large Characters]
    • Orchid Bamboo Large (H2D).
    • Mountain Horse Large (H2FL).
    • Dragon (H3).


Ink and Colors:

  • Best Bottle Ink (I04).


Paper (suggestions):

  • Calligraphy Grid Paper (P03C).
  • Red Shuen (P04RD).
  • Red Gold Fleck Shuen (P04GR).
  • Practice Roll 18" (P03).

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