Calligraphy Booklet by Lingchi Yeh, Nicole Camargo & Jashin Yeh


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10 pages, English

The OAS staff compiles a basic instructional handout that gives a small sampling of Chinese Calligraphy Basics. Everything reviewed from holding the brush, to posture to equipment and preparation, basic strokes and completed words.

Chinese characters in practice include: below, middle, king, light, heart, stone, eternal, moon, heavens, ocean, rain, to arrive. It also shows useful characters and phrases for reference such as: understand, respect, birth, tao, thanks, day, east, saint, quick, west, born, happy, wisdom, tranquility, fortune, book, tolerant or patient, zen, law, blessed, painting, love, soaring, calligraphy, respectful thanks, happy birthday, merry christmas, things, art of calligraphy & painting, devoted love in marriage. All examples are done in Kai Shu.

This booklet is included in all OAS's Calligraphy Sets

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