Colored Xuan: Black


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Usage: Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, Bold and Dynamic Compositions, Great for Metallic and White Paints
Paper Material: Xuan Paper
Treatment/Process: Raw / Unprocessed (sometimes referred to as uncooked)
Absorbency: Absorbent. Good for spontaneous painting and fast, confident brush strokes

  • Cut Sheets: 18" x 27"
  • Full Sheets: 27" x 54"

No. of Sheets: Available as 9 Cut Sheets, 5 Full Sheets, or 100 Full Sheets
Additional Information: Perfect paper for using white, gold, silver, or other contrasting paints.
Packaging: Cut sheets come rolled and wrapped in tissue paper. Five full sheets come rolled and wrapped in corrugated paper. One hundred full sheets come folded and wrapped in paper.

OAS offers an array of beautiful and unusual papers perfect for painting and a multitude of other creative endeavors.

Black Xuan (Shuen) has become a favorite with our customers to showcase white flowers, sea creatures and subjects with gold and silver accents.

Colored Xuan paper offers exciting variety. They are single-ply xuan paper dyed that become slightly less absorbent and easier to work with. They are elegant. Your painting looks ten times better on these papers.

Colored Xuan is hand dyed in batches, so color may vary. Paper color may vary from display due to your individual computer monitor color settings.

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