Artist Set for Leigha Nicole (Recommended)


Artist Set includes the following:
  • Best Bottle Ink
  • Pre Series Brush Set:
    • Pre Happy Dot®
    • Pre Orchid Bamboo
    • Pre Flow®
    • Pre Large Flow®
  • Assorted Paper Roll
    (6) ⅓ Cut Sheets of Vintage Double Shuen AO;
    (3) ⅓ Cut Sheets of Premium Jade Plate Double Shuen;
    (3) ⅓ Cut Sheets of Pi Paper

If you wish, you can upgrade the brushes to OAS' Premium Brush Set. This set includes: 

  • OAS Happy Dot®
  • OAS Orchid Bamboo Medium
  • OAS Flow®
  • OAS Large Flow®

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