Aristocracy of Beauty by Ng -ching


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189 pages, Chinese/English

An enthusiastic collection of fine-line style flower paintings by different artists. Each piece of art selected for exquisite composition and accompanied by information on the shape, color and meaning of the flower.

Subjects include: the Plum, Verdant Peach, Jasmine, Sasanqua Camellia, Michelia, Chinese Sacred Lily, Apricot, Early Pink, Cherokee Rose, Princess Royal Paulownia, Hall Crab Apple, Hydrangea, Plum, Chinese Flowering Apple, Weeping Golden Bell, Jonquil, Wuseh Cherry, Wild Cymbidium, Magnolia, Pear, Field Mustard, Wysteria, Fairy Primrose, Viburnum, White Camellia, French Hydrangea, Chinese Redbud, Cineraria, Gloxinia, Baby Rose, Paeonia, Dandelion, Chinese Photinia, Crawfoot Geranium, Rainbow Pink, Cyclamen, Lily of the Nile, Marigold, Chinese Radish, Bleeding Heart, Tree Peony, Carnation, Monkey Flower, China Rose, Kerria, Briar Rose, Nasturtium, Bamboo, Lilac, Wall Lily, Slipperwort, Indian Chrysanthemum, Corn Poppy, Blue Bottle, Azalea, Peot's Jasmine, Polyantha Rose, White Iris, Day Lily, Sacred Bamboo, Peking Syringa, St. John's Wort, Purple Bounty, Common Penstemon, Linden Hibiscus, Chinese Trumpet Creeper, Cosmos, Star Lily, Canna, Sun Plant, Great Bougainvillea, Crape Myrtle, Fringed Coral Hibiscus, Ghent Gladiolus, Morning Glory, Double Azalea, Dahlia, Dwarf Plantain Lily, Dahurian Rose Bary, Pomegranate, Rose Balsam, Zahnia, Tawny Day Lily, China Berry, Tiger Lily, Rose of Sharon, Banana Magnolia, Yellow Oleander, Rose Mallow, Swamp Morning Glory, Water Lily, Turk's Cap Lily, Heart and Honey Vine, White Lady's Finger, Coral Tree, Gardenia, Fingered Citron, Rose-Ring Gaillardia, Opium Poppy, Jimson Weed, Tuberose, Caesalphinia, Sunset Hibiscus, Arabian Jasmine, Tobacco Flower, Pearl Orchid, Poison Bulb, Leek Orchid, Cape Jasmine, Crown Daisy, Blue Passion Vine, Yellow Hollyhock, Tree Mallow, Gillyflower, Sponge Gourd, Cypress Vine, Rose Bay, Yellow Jade Orchid, Beauty of the Night, Geranium, Honeysuckle, Sunflower, Cactus, Amaranth, Wild Scarlet Lily, Kouannotsuyu, Cockscomb, Sneezeweed, Olive, Evans Begonia, Reedgrass, Spotted Marigold, Air Plant, Upland Cotton, Chinese Holly, Solanum, Chinese Stephania, Yujui Woody Plant, Roman Hyacinth, Loquat, Octagonal Daisy, Narcissus, Christmas Star Poinsettia, Winter Sweet, Boston Ivy and Pine.

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