Aquatic Life (V4) - Vegetables, Fruits, Insects & Aquatic Life

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110 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Su Ching Chow gives sequential instructions for rendering aquatic life in spontaneous style. Enjoy his lively, bright style of painting. Subjects include Small Fishes (and Chinese Hibiscus, and Arrowhead Flowers), Red Swordtail, Lyretail Molly (and Aquatic Plant), Angel Fish (and Aquatic Plant), Freshwater Shrimp (Swimming Towards Left, Swimming Towards Right), Lobster, Lake Crab, Sea Crab, Gold Fish, Catfish (and Small Fishes), Mandarin Fish (with Willow Branch, and Fallen Flowers), Carp, Koi (Vermillion, in Different Colors), Shells (Mussel, Conch, Clam and Limpet) and Tortoise (Crawling, Mother and Child).

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