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All About Signature and Seals

A distinctive way to finish and Asian style brush painting. Signing the painting and affixing imprints from soapstone seals or chops is steeped in tradition. Find out all about this process including:

  • How to translate your name into Chinese or choose a Chinese artist name?
  • Where and how do you sign your name to your paintings?
  • Where do you affix you Artist name seal and what is its purpose?
  • What about other seals like mood seals?
  • What is the OAS Seal Collection?
  • What is and how do you get the most out of OAS' Custom Seal service?
  • How do you determine the quality of a soapstone seal or chop?
  • How do artist choose which seals to add to their collection and how do seals signify collections of paintings?
  • Questions and answers and more!

What Are Virtual Office Hours?

Virtual Office Hours are Live Online discussions on a variety of subjects related to brush painting and calligraphy that include brief demonstration and time allotted for questions and answers by our participants.

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