Album: 80 Paintings & Ideas by Ning Yeh

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An inspirational collection of acclaimed spontaneous style artist Ning Yeh's finest works. 80 paintings and stories that reveal Dr. Yeh's fascinated enchantment with all that is beautiful in China. It is the pride and joy of the artist. A great resource.

For a video book review of the entire book, click on the video below:

Subjects include: The Golden Top of Mt.Emei (Landscape), Celebration (Amaryllis), Leaping Forward (Horse), Land of Enchantment (A Chinese Town/Landscape), Idea of Spring (Rose), Brotherhood (Horse), Fu-shin (Taiwan Landscape), Home Town (Ning's Hometown/Landscape), Royal Presence (Peony), Spring Comes to the Great Wall (The Great Wall/Landscape), The Silent Watcher (Great Wall Watch Tower/ Landscape), Mother and Son (Panda), Goddess of Mercy (Temple Head/Landscape), Ji Chang Garden (Landscape), Plum Blossom in the Moonlight (Plum Blossom), Misty Mountain Impressions (Landscape), Good Companions (Peony), Elegance (Horse), Spring Comes Early in Southern China (Landscape), Swinging (Grass Orchid), Nature's Brush (Magnolia), Morning Exercise (Chinese Town/Landscape), Dancing Poise (Poppy), Grand Prospective (Horse), Dragon Gate (Landscape), Emperor Sui's Embankment (Landscape), Green Peacock, Perfect Gentleman (Bamboo), Crimson Glow (Hibiscus), The Cave of a Thousand Buddhas (Landscape), Descending (Horse), Ballerinas (Fuchsia), Autumn's Greeting (Chrysanthemum), Temple in the Mist (Landscape), Hospitable Hostess (Cyclamen), Village Near Yangsu (Landscape), Paternal Love (Day Lily), Cascading Falls (Landscape), The Green Waves of Summer (Lotus), Purple Haze (Myrtle), Celestial Imprints (Calla Lily), The West Hill (Landscape), Spring Butterfly (Iris), Lotus of a Different Color, Fall Colors (Tree/Landscape), Golden Mountain Temple (Landscape), Su Jean (Lotus), Red Peony, El Capitan (Yosemite/Landscape), Red Fountain (Hollyhock), Windy Bamboo, Christmas Spirit (Poinsettia), Trees (Landscape), Devotion (Camellia), A Landmark Painting (Chrysanthemum), Small Yingchow (Landscape), Midnight Queen (Night Blooming Cereus), Stillness (Horse), Buddha and Friends (Landscape), Happy Dots (Begonia), Water Faeries (Narcissus), A Script (Two Figures/Landscape), A Taoist Retreat (Landscape), The Eight Immortals (Horse), Wishing Stars (Morning Glory), Source of Inspiration (Landscape), Cluster of Joy (Wisteria), Impressions (Landscape), Golden Fruits (Persimmon), Calligraphic Expression (Ink Bamboo), For Jashin, with love, from Dad (Portrait), New-Born Bamboo, Enduring Devotion (Azalea), The Summer Palace (Landscape), The Summer Palace in Winter (Landscape), Pearls (Grape), Pink Magnolia, Grass Orchid, Mood of Spring (Foreign Flower/Ocean Orchid) and Family Togetherness (Panda).

Out of Print Edition

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